FASTEXIT Escape System
Section: Product Overview

The inner workings of the FASTEXIT system.

1) Adjustable power valve adjusts for wide range of windows.
2) Easily removed snap-on cover.
3) C02 (carbon dioxide) cylinder.
4) Punctured cylinder indicator.

FASTEXIT is a product which can replace many existing windows into easy-to-operate emergency exits. Installing quality smoke and heat detectors and maintaining them according to the manufacturers instructions, combined with a family fire escape plan and FASTEXIT, gives an equal advantage to the young or old, weak or strong, to escape a life-threatening situation.

Operation of the FASTEXIT is simple enough to enable anyone, even young children and the physically challenged the power to open the window by simply pulling down on the red anodized pendant. This releases a special hammer which punctures the C02 cylinder. High pressure gas is released from the cylinder through the adjustable power valve (1) and into the power tube (cable cylinder) where a powerful lifting force is generated on the lift cables unlocking and opening the window, allowing your escape.

Image of young girl preparing to engage the FASTEXIT system.

Easy to maintain, the FASTEXIT has a punctured cylinder indicator which tells at a glance the status of the C02 bottle. Likewise, the length of exposed cocking ball chain reveals whether the unit is "cocked".

FASTEXIT complies with and complements the long-standing procedures of firefighters across the nation. It is a totally manual system and will not open in response to heat or smoke.

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