FASTEXIT Escape System
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Image of young girl preparing to engage the FASTEXIT system.  According to the NFPA

This young girl won’t be one of them because she holds in her hand the ability to make a FASTEXIT.

Exit Technologies presents the FASTEXIT Escape System, an innovative product that should play a major role in any family's fire exit plan.

The FastExit Escape System consists of the   power unit and any of several of our specially-modified single hung egress-sized windows. The window installs the same as any other window. The power unit mounts with screws just above the top window trim after the walls have been painted. Rather than (difficult to operate) locks between the upper and lower sash, our windows use a special full width lift/lock located at the bottom of the lower sash. Teflon-coated stainless steel aircraft cables are connected between the power unit mounted above the window, and the lift bar located at the bottom of the lower sash. The installed FastExit Escape System doesn't interfere with normal operation of the window, allowing it to be unlocked and opened freely just as any other window, except that in most cases it more closely meets the requirements of Section 310.4 of the Uniform Building Code which states that the window "shall open with no special effort or knowledge" . This fire egress window uses a full width latch bar that is within easy reach of even a small child, the operator of a wheelchair, or a person crawling on their knees to safety.

Firefighters recommend that if you are caught in a burning building, you should evacuate through the nearest exit because intense heat and toxic smoke can fill an entire house within minutes, quickly blocking exits. Every second is critical to ensure your safety.

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FASTEXIT Slide Show: A series of five images showing a girl escaping through a window.


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