FASTEXIT Escape System
Section: Product Overview

Weight 8 lbs.
Overall Length 44 inches
Height 4.5 inches
Depth 1.75 inches

Construction Features

  • Stainless Steel Power Tube
  • Teflon-Coated Stainless Steel Power and Lift Cables.
  • Unique "no slack" Cable Tension System.
  • High Temperature Design.
  • Adjustable Power Valve.

User Features

  • CO2 Cylinder Status Indicator.
  • Hammer-Cocked Indicator.



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FASTEXIT and the uniform building code...

FASTEXIT can replace most existing windows into egress windows (emergency exits). Section 310.4 of the uniform building code states that an egress window "shall open with no special effort or knowledge." Once you see the FASTEXIT in action, we are sure you will agree that it meets the uniform building code to the letter.


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